AMP. Always Electric.

Volume 3, No. 1


Erik Schurink

Erik Schurink is an award-winning exhibit designer, poet and sculptor. He has developed dozens of interactive exhibits for Children’s Museums and curated art exhibits for various museums and galleries in the New York area. He is an active member of the Writhing Society. His Cryptozoo (Proteotypes, 2012) is a journal in which he and eleven other writers respond to animalistic images he photographed. His poetry has been featured in 13 Writhing Machines, Upstart: Journal of English Renaissance Studies, An Oulipolooza, and others. Schurink is Gallery Director for Robert Bly’s Great Mother Conference, and contributing artist to Abecedarium NYC and Galerie de Difformité. He hosts artist salons at his home. He was born in the Netherlands and lives in Brooklyn, New York.